Friday, April 20, 2007

Another one down.....

Edgardo's out of Survivor. That makes me 0-2 for the shows so far. DH can't believe he picked better than me this go round for both shows. Please, please Melinda outlast Jordin on American Idol...

Both new projects are coming along, and I've even worked some on Celtic Spring. No pictures still. I promise to post one of the finished blackwork eventually! I'm starting to want to work on Convent's Herbal Garden again....but I'm not looking forward to those Jessica stitches. (upper left yellow flowers) I think I'll do a Jessica, then work somewhere else, then back to a Jessica, etc. It's not that I don't like the Jessicas--they're just not fun in pale yellow on white. I think the ones I've done look great, it's just I'm not crazy about doing more! But I love this design, and I love other Chatelaines, and I plan on doing more--at a rate of one big one at a time. I gotta finish this one first....

Friday, April 13, 2007

Secrets and Silk

Fabric is cut and 2 projects started! The "secret project" and Chatelaine's Springtime Roses. No pictures yet, and I will reveal the "secret" later, after the need to keep it secret has passed. I did forget that I needed to rinse the silk flosses for these, so into the water the "s. p." ones went yesterday. And boy, did they bleed! I think I need to soak them again today. Two of the DMC flosses for Springtime Roses were used in Celtic Spring, and I keep forgetting to grab them. (I only have some Treasure Braid and all of the beads left on Celtic Spring.) I use bobbins and string them on rattail cord, so grabbing them means untieing a knot and unstringing most of the bobbins--of course, the 2 I need are in the middle somewhere--and then either restringing or filing them back in the storage boxes. Between that and still needing the 2 silks rinsed, it's been fun picking around the "missing" flosses to choose what to stitch on Springtime Roses. ("I'll do that symbol next--oops, no I won't!")

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Out of the slump?

I stitched some on Celtic Spring last night. DH was listening to music after we put DD to bed, so I got in about an hour of stitching. I have 2 projects ready to start--I just have to cut the fabric. Once they get too big to fit in the mesh baggie I'll have to buy some white pillowcases. (I only have 2 and 1 houses Celtic Spring and the other houses CHG) The blackwork was small enough to fit in the baggie the entire time. I've only just started using these baggies, and previously I was a one project at a time girl.

I never really remember why I go into a slump. This last one however....When DD was younger, I could stitch while DH watched his Nascar--DD would be happily bouncing away in her bouncer, squealing and laughing. Now, she's more mobile and she likes to sit beside me on the couch or throw herself in my lap. I don't like to have needles out around her. I can't even knit around her--she loves the scarf I'm knitting. I made the mistake of draping the short bit of scarf across her shoulders and she thought that was pretty cool. She's so tiny it was more like a shawl. So now she tries to steal the scarf out of my lap and wrap up in it. Funny, cute, but annoying when the needles get jerked out of your hands. I can see myself slipping easily back into a slump again--I can only stitching when DD's asleep, and many times by then I'm too tired. And I don't want to create a frogging situation. I could stitch during her nap, but I'm usually doing housework.

So many projects waiting in the wings....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Finally Happy Dancing

I finished Blackwork for the Bewildered. I haven't finished anything since 2005, so I'm very happy. I haven't photographed it yet, so no picture. Now to start something new.