Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who would've guessed?

This has been appearing on many blogs....and I'm not surprised at my result, lol.

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Drama Nerd

You sure do love the spotlight and probably have a very out-going and loud personality. Or not. That's just a stereotype, of course. Participation in the theatre is something to be very proud of. Whether you have a great voice for musicals, or astounding skills for dramas/comedies; keep up the good work. We need more entertainment these days that isn't television and video games (not that these things are bad, necessarily.)

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Artistic Nerd
Literature Nerd
Social Nerd
Anime Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I got the beads on Monday, and finished Springtime Roses on Tuesday. This is the first time in a while I've finished more than one project in a year. And it's only March!

And, as promised, the latest Wip pic for Stroke of Midnight:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Still Stalled

I'm still waiting for the beads, so no new finishes yet. I've worked a little more on Stroke of Midnight, and hopefully my next post will include the latest wip pic--I'm further along than the current one in the sidebar, btw.

As for the secret project, I will reveal it after it's been received by the intended recipient. (Patience Carrie darling!)