Thursday, December 21, 2006

Survivor is done

Another season of Survivor is over. What a nail biting finish! Especially since it came down to Ozzy (DH's pick) and Yul (my pick). 5-4 with Yul winning! That's twice I've picked the winner. Woo-hoo! I think we started this little competition with season 10--Palau. And out of the 4 seasons we've played, I've beaten DH every time. I normally can't beat him at anything, so please excuse any excessive gloating. I don't often get the chance to say "I beat you!" I can't wait for Fiji to start next year! I'll post our picks after the first episode. Last season (Panama) we read everyone's bios online and picked our players before the first episode aired. Neither of us did well (neither of our picks even made the jury, but mine lasted one episode longer than his) and we've decided to stick with selecting a player within the first 15 minutes of the first episode. It just adds to the fun when you're cheering for a specific person.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm teaching myself to knit. I don't know anyone that can teach me in person, so I'm using videos and diagrams on the web. So far, I can cast on and knit. It all looks pretty sloppy on the needles. I wasn't too worried about getting the tension even. I just wanted to figure out the actual stitches, without making a big tangled, knotted mess of yarn. (took at least 4 restarts before I figured out why there was a big tangled mess) No pattern--just cast on (almost the length of the needle, LOL, which I now think is a bit much!) and knit, knit, knit....I'll probably knit another row or two, then try purling.

I'd like to learn to crochet, too. I started to learn from a co-worker friend 6 years ago. She would teach people at lunch. Unfortunately, we were both skipping lunch on various days for various reasons, so I only got one short lesson before I left the company for another job. I have one long chain stitch thingy though. (and I'm not sure I still remember how to do that!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shopping Fun!

DD and I went shopping this morning. We went to the mall and Target. We had lunch at Mickey D's, and she was good as gold the whole time. Even though we got home way after her normal nap time (Bad Mommy!) It was a successful trip--I needed some clothes for her in the next size (got 3 shirts at 50% off!). All she had in the next size (which she'll be wearing in the next month or so) were 3 pairs of pjs, and some short sleeved shirts. It's getting too cold for short sleeves now, but she can wear them in the spring. She still needs pants/jeans and a dress. And I got a pea coat. I needed a slightly dressier coat and I've been wanting a pea coat for several years. My *favorite* clothing store (NY & Co) had pea coats on sale, plus I had an email coupon. So I got the coat for 50% off the regular price! Woo-hoo! I am beyond excited! Now I just need some new shirts.....(I haven't really bought any clothes since I was pregnant and needed maternity stuff--about 2 years ago!)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

$1 + elbow grease = very happy toddler

DD loves the play kitchen at her cousins' house. She opens the "microwave", closes it. Again and again and again. Friday morning, my sister-in-law and I went to her mother-in-law's church rummage sale. And I found.....a Little Tykes play kitchen. For a dollar. (I think new it probably sold for about $70) Woo-hoo! All it needed was a thorough cleaning--it looked like it had been stored outside. I cleaned it while she was napping (took almost 3 hours--it was very dirty). I've never seen her eyes so big or smile so wide! She spent at least 45 minutes opening the doors--"microwave" and "oven", then closing them. Over and over. That's pretty long for a 17-month old! Now I just have to find a good deal on play pots/pans/dishes/food. But for now, she' s very happy just opening and closing the doors. And I'm happy that she's happy. Could be the best dollar I ever spent.

Friday, September 22, 2006

TV Time

Thursday night is....TV heaven. Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, My Name is Earl....we Tivo'd the new Six Degrees, but we haven't watched it yet. Actually, out of the list, we only saw Survivor last night. We started watching G.A. over the summer, so Wednesday night was the previous season's 2 hour finale. Which we only got to watch half of on Wed. So we watched the rest last night, then Survivor, then it was time for bed. I love Survivor. DH and I have a "contest". We each pick a person and we see who outlasts who. DH has picked Ozzy, and I picked Yul. SPOILER ALERT: After last night's episode, Ozzy may not have been the best pick. But guess who found the Exile Island Immunity Idol? Oh Yeah! My Yul! Pfffttt to DH. SPOILER OVER! Of course, every once in while I have to remind DH that the people I pick usually last longer than the ones he picks....and that I picked Tom a few seasons know, the Tom that won the whole thing. (I'm not really a gloat-y person--I just rarely win at *anything* against him) We do this with Amazing Race, too. (He's got Erwin & Godwin, I've got Kandice & Dustin) In the family race a few seasons ago, I picked the winners (Linz family), but he won last last season with BJ & Tyler. (I hope he forgets that!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I got some floss! 5/$1 at Michaels. Not the best price I've seen around here, but it's less than 25 cents a skein, which is good enough. I got what I needed for Chatelaine's Spring Roses, and a few for Stroke of Midnight....DD started screaming, so I had to get out of there pronto. Maybe they will have another sale soon. Or maybe ACMoore will. Now I just have to decide on a fabric for Spring Roses, and order that.

And CHG is starting to call out. I haven't worked on it since before DD was born (April '05). Too afraid I would mess it up, with being tired and everything else that goes with having a newborn. Especially with those tiny, pale yellow Jessica stitches. I don't like those. They are pretty, but...maybe if they were bigger, with a more contrasting floss color, I would like doing them better.

One of these days, I'll have to take some pictures. I've never photographed anything I've done over the past 20 years. I need proof of how insane I was back in 1996. TW's Spring Carousel Horse on 18 count Aida. Yes, Aida. Before I knew better--ok, the truth--knew of the existance of evenweave fabrics, and where to purchase them. I even started the Winter horse on Aida too. And stopped. I'll start again on an evenweave someday. And I'll probably re-stitch the Spring one. (It ended up being a gift for my niece, who wasn't even a glimmer yet in her parents' eyes when I stitched it. I wasn't even married to DH yet, although we were engaged.) I'm another victim of the various stitching BBs and the enablers. I found out about Lugana, Linen, silk flosses, hand-dyed fabric and flosses, beads.....Oh boy! My stash has grown considerably in the last 5 or so years. And I'm nowhere near what some of the ladies have collected, despite what DH thinks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I went to the bookstore to hopefully find some of Anne McCaffrey's Pern books that I'm missing. Found one. "Dragonseye". And one hardback that I can't remember the title. I prefer paperbacks, so I passed on that one. (I carry a list with me of the Pern titles that I have. They're all so similar that I can never remember which ones I've got!) But I did buy the other one, and a M.Y.T.H. book by Robert Asprin that I missed from a few years ago. Yay! First time I've seen this one in a store! I also bought " 'Salem's Lot" by Stephen King. Since I'm reading the Dark Tower books and he refers back to " 'Salem's Lot" in "The Wolves of the Calla" I should read it. Eventually. Probably after I finish the Dark Tower series. I don't like reading more than one King book at a time. They creep me out a little.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Small Annoyances

They're laying fiber optic cable in my neighborhood. Which will be nice in the future, but right now it's a pain. Yesterday was trash day, so we had trucks and trash cans lining the street. And noise. Lots of noise. And dirt, from the holes they dug (and left). They parked close to our mailbox, so we didn't get any mail. (If there's anything on the street near our mailbox the letter carrier will just drive on by.) Sigh. So I have to watch for them today, so I can ask them to park a few feet back if they park in the same place. (I didn't say anything to them yesterday because I thought there was enough room for the mail truck. I guess I was wrong.) Very annoying.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jumping in....

Ok. So when I first heard about blogging, I thought "What's the big deal? Why would anyone want to do that? Why would anyone else want to read it?" Then I read a blog by someone who frequents the same message boards that I do (No, I don't remember whose it was). Huh. More insight to who this person was--thoughts, feelings, life situation. More information than could be conveyed on a simple message board post. It's funny--get a group of people together, and if it's a big enough group, you'll have representatives of all life stages. Young, old, married, already divorced, getting divorced, having babies, going to school, losing jobs, getting jobs, moving.....the list goes on. People cycling in and out of misery/happiness. And the group of people, the community, offers support and advice, shares the joys and heartaches. No matter what the situation is, be it major or minor. Being a part of the community means sharing. Giving for the greater good. Receiving help when needed.

So, What's the big deal? Sharing life. Because we're all at different stages. And we can tell others about our experiences. And maybe, someone else is entering a stage that we just left. And we can leave a light on so they can find their way. That's the big deal.