Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm teaching myself to knit. I don't know anyone that can teach me in person, so I'm using videos and diagrams on the web. So far, I can cast on and knit. It all looks pretty sloppy on the needles. I wasn't too worried about getting the tension even. I just wanted to figure out the actual stitches, without making a big tangled, knotted mess of yarn. (took at least 4 restarts before I figured out why there was a big tangled mess) No pattern--just cast on (almost the length of the needle, LOL, which I now think is a bit much!) and knit, knit, knit....I'll probably knit another row or two, then try purling.

I'd like to learn to crochet, too. I started to learn from a co-worker friend 6 years ago. She would teach people at lunch. Unfortunately, we were both skipping lunch on various days for various reasons, so I only got one short lesson before I left the company for another job. I have one long chain stitch thingy though. (and I'm not sure I still remember how to do that!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shopping Fun!

DD and I went shopping this morning. We went to the mall and Target. We had lunch at Mickey D's, and she was good as gold the whole time. Even though we got home way after her normal nap time (Bad Mommy!) It was a successful trip--I needed some clothes for her in the next size (got 3 shirts at 50% off!). All she had in the next size (which she'll be wearing in the next month or so) were 3 pairs of pjs, and some short sleeved shirts. It's getting too cold for short sleeves now, but she can wear them in the spring. She still needs pants/jeans and a dress. And I got a pea coat. I needed a slightly dressier coat and I've been wanting a pea coat for several years. My *favorite* clothing store (NY & Co) had pea coats on sale, plus I had an email coupon. So I got the coat for 50% off the regular price! Woo-hoo! I am beyond excited! Now I just need some new shirts.....(I haven't really bought any clothes since I was pregnant and needed maternity stuff--about 2 years ago!)